Walkable Wanderings: 5 Things to do along Spadina Avenue

With the weather getting nicer every day why not pick a downtown street and take a walk. Different distinct neighbourhoods you’ll pass through each have their own unique flavor and you’ll never know what hidden gems you’ll find along the way. Here are a few places to stop by along Spadina.

A&C Games

452 Spadina Ave.

Passing by this storefront literally made me stop in my tracks, take a few steps back and walk inside. The store was full of video games, old and new, geeky t-shirts and tons of video game accessories. There was even a video game tournament going on in the back section of the store. I bought a Nintendo64 controller for just under $40, not bad. The guy in the store made me play Goldeneye to test it out, I suck at Goldeneye.

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong

322 Spadina Ave.

Need lunch for $2.25? No problem! Stop in for an on-the-go meal that’s super cheap and gain a new appreciation for a sandwich that is also super delicious. The ladies behind the counter were so nice and their smile instantly brightened my day. I decided I would take the sandwich to go and eat while I walked. Two birds and all that.

Sonic Boom Records

215 Spadina Ave.

My go to place for vinyl in the city! And just an all around cool store. Flip through rows of records or check out the CD and cassette tape sections for some newer golden oldies. There is also a cozy book section with colourful comics and a ton of funny how to guides. Best part is they’re open until midnight everyday so you can look through the store at pretty much any time of day.

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

215 Spadina Ave.

This hipster coffee shop is Sonic Boom’s next door neighbour, they even share an address. Try an iced latte with something sweet, like a date square or cinnamon twist croissant. Communal tables in the front allow passers by who decide to stop in for a coffee to work on their laptop, play on their phone or people watch out the window. The building is beautiful, think old wooden beams and exposed brick walls. Such a great chill out space.

HTO Park

339 Queens Quay W.

I finished my walk by stopping at the harbourfront. Well, I had to stop there considering there was nowhere else to walk! Okay so technically the address is on Queens Quay but you get the idea. Plopping down in a muskoka chair, I put my feet in the sand and watched planes take off and land from Billy Bishop airport. Best part about this activity, it’s completely free!

Bonus: A few songs you should add to your “Walking Down Spadina” playlist! Happy Walking!



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