pumpkin picking selfie To anyone reading this, Is anyone reading this!? I can’t decide whether I hope so or I hope not. Anyways, here we go I start my blogging adventure on this 20th day of May in the year 2015, exactly 2 days before my 23rd birthday. At this point in my life I feel like such a typical transitional 23 year old it almost sickens me. The fact that I now have access to the blog I have been talking about starting for a few years now makes it all the more non-unique, at least that’s how I feel. Everyone talks about they’re super cool blog nowadays and what new seed they’re eating and what cleanse they’re doing. I’ll have the burger and fries. Warning: I will be writing a lot about food but this will not be your average foodie blog. I hope for this to be a place where I can write down my opinions and discoveries as a form of catharsis, we’ll see.

For anyone who didn’t get here through the link I posted on my Facebook page so I would get some hits on this thing here’s a bit about me. I graduated from Western University in October of last year and I think I have now past the point where I can call myself a “recent graduate” to possible employers. Fuck. I went to school for something that is not writing (and is too difficult to explain here) but I fell in love with food and travel writing in my fourth year at school. I thought this was the career I wanted to get into but I didn’t give myself the kick in the ass I needed to start a blog, pitch my ideas to editors or ask magazines for a job. Basically, I feared rejection. Well at least now I’ve done 1 out of the 3. Not bad.

I just recently got a gig writing for 102.1 The Edge’s Citizen Blogging Team. I will be submitting pieces on food, music and the going’s-on of Toronto to them and be cross posting here. I think that’s the real reason I started this blog. I live at home in Vaughan (that’s in Ontario which is in Canada if this ever reaches anywhere in the world) with my parents. Anyone who is of european background will know that this is completely normal. I’m Italian-Canadian so I’m supposed to stay here until I’m married, but I have bigger plans (hello small downtown Toronto apartment with high rent!) My older brother calls me a bum but I’m not totally useless. I work at a soccer club in my area that organizes competitive and recreational soccer for kids. It pays well, makes me feel important and my boss doesn’t reprimand me when I show up late. I can’t complain.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this and if not well that’s just too bad. I will be adding all the writing I’ve done in the past sparingly in the next few weeks. I think the type of piece you just read will be rare, it’s not completely useless but it’s also not helpful in getting me anywhere career wise. That said I really enjoyed spewing this bad boy out. My style of writing is sometimes proper, sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes self-deprecating. I tend to write in the same manner I speak, unless I write a proper article that I’ve done proper research for.

[I’m still trying to think of some creative parting note here.]



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